Yoga / pilates classes


Does anyone know is there are yoga pilates classes nearby?

The Clubhouse doesn’t doesn’t have this classes anymore…

Hi Luisa,

I’ve just learned that the community centre will be having yoga classes every sunday at 10:30am, starting from tomorrow. I think its 10 pounds per class and you bring your own mat.

If you go to the Royal Wharf Community Dock facebook page, they have more information about who to contact regarding it on their timetable poster.

Britannia Village Hall runs pilates every Wednesday. Chair based pilates at 6.45pm and traditional pilates at 7.30pm. £15/5 weeks. They also run yoga on Mondays at 9.30am which is free I believe.

The Good Hotel also runs Pilates every Monday at 6.30pm

The linkk to the Royal Wharf Community Dock facebook page doesnt seem to work anymore. Does anyone know what the deal is with the pilates class on a Sunday morning? Do you just turn up or do you have to pre book?

Also the Britannia Village website doesn’t seem to show pilates anymore :frowning:

Britannia village is doing pilates on Wed. That website you mentioned is not up to date. New one here:

For royal wharf community dock you just turn up. No need to book. Their new fb page is