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Hi all,

We just received our first bill from SW Energy regarding hot water and heating. The problems start with the abusive price of the kWh unit, which is 3x more expensive than in other energy companies.

We live in a 1 Bedroom flat and the heating has never been turned on since we moved into the flat. How is it possible to pay double for hot water than we pay every month for electricity since the gas was only used in the shower and for a few minutes at night to do the dishes?

It is clear that this is one way for these companies to increase their profits.

I would like to know if there are any other residents who are also bothered by this abuse and would like to take some action.

Just to be clear, we are paying 18 pounds monthly on electricity (washing machine, oven, hob, lights, appliances, electronics) and 30 pounds a month just to have hot water in the shower and in the taps.



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hi, this is an ongoing issue that affects everyone. Not a single person is happy with them.

We are looking into how we can remove them and Ballymore have asked people to email any concerns/complaints that they have to Administration@royalwharfe16.net. If possible, by the end of June I believe.

The more people that complain the better!


Thank you samsl300,

I will send this complaint to the administration. I hope a lot of people will do the same.

No sense on charge 3x more than average price market.

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Thanks for the tip, I’ve just received a 3 month bill for £260. There is little transparency with SW Energy and their per unit cost is very high

Just to reiterate @samsl300 comment above, the Resident’s Association is meeting with Ballymore next month to discuss the SW Energy contract. It’s therefore really important for everyone to e-mail their complaints regarding SW Energy (whether pricing, service or communication) to Administration@royalwharfe16.net .

It’s only through the weight of dissatisfaction that we’ll be able to achieve meaningful change on this issue.

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Is there a way that this can be pinned at the top of the forum home page?

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Hi all,

I have also received my bill for the three months. The cost is rather high, I did not expect the bill to be this high. I think we need to force Ballymore to change to a cheaper supplier. When I called SW Energy I asked them to clarify the usage and cost per kw they weren’t to clear about it.

Make sure you email your concerns to the address above

I’m also in agreement regarding the cost, as I have just received my first bill for just under the two months I’ve been here and it has cost me £46; for one person in a studio flat! I had an issue with my thermostat, which could have contributed to the high cost at the beginning of my tenancy, so I’ve emailed my landlord to find out if this is the case.

Just wanted to double check; we don’t control the hot water through the thermostat do we? I’m of the view that we’re essentially charged on our consumption of hot water once we turn on the taps due to us having a district heating system?

I’d also like to ask what energy supplier you’re on if you don’t mind me asking? £18 seems cheap as chips compared to what I’m paying! Feel like I’m getting done left, right and centre here!

For heating and hot water everyone’s with SW Energy.
Electricity everyone’s with British Gas. This is the only thing that you can change.

Per my calculations we are paying one of the highest gas prices in the country! Please send an email to Administration@royalwharfe16.net. I’ve put mine below for reference

(calculation based on 160kwH, 30 days +5% VAT)
"I’m writing to join the rest of the community in raising issue with the gas prices charged by SW Energy which are the highest in the entire UK market.

Using Uswitch I calculate that my Gas bill is 69% higher than the average Big 6 energy providers (variable rate) and a whooping 263% higher than the best available rate.

Both the variable and standing charge are the highest in the market, with the variable rate being double that of their main competitors.

The development was designed to benefit from class leading low carbon energy*, yet residents do not receive any benefit from this in our gas bill.

I would like Royal Wharf to replace SW Energy as the monopoly gas supplier to enable us to achieve fair pricing in line with the rest of the market.

I enclose the comparison table below:


Not bad, mine was £60 for 1 person in a 1 bed. I’ve emailed my complaint, and I’m hoping once enough of us have complained then they do something about it. All we can do right now is sign up for direct debit, to bring down the scheme management charge.

Sorry, I probably should’ve clarified better, which I obviously didn’t do to the best of my ability in my last post! That’s £46 for just the month, so let’s say just a bill totaling just under £90 because I haven’t been charged for the full two months.

Thanks for this, I will also join in battling the case for a change of supplier!

I will send a mail today as well. I’m not happy with the charge, we should have a say on this and appoint a cheaper supplier for gas/hot water.
Not sure how Ballymore decided to appoint this company as our supplier when they are not even competitive with pricing.

seems like it’s not that reliable given how many times I’ve seen people complain about having no hot water.

If you know other people living at Royal Wharf, please ask them to email us at Administration@royalwharfe16.net asking them to take action.

I’ve sent an email as well. I’ve lived in alot of places and this is almost the most expensive bill i’ve ever had. It borders on fraud at this point…

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Has anyone received any response from Ballymore.