Starbucks, Fullers and more joining Sainsbury's at Royal Wharf?

An eagle-eyed user in the Royal Wharf News Forum spotted a (seemingly) new website, advertising commercial and retail space in the Royal Wharf development. In addition to the previously announced Sainsbury's and Johns & Co Estate Agents, it appears both Starbucks and Fullers will be opening at the development.
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Happy to be of help, I hope it is of interest to people.

I have been checking the retail website on occasion for updates since I first came across it first a few weeks ago. Interestingly the addition of the Fuller’s Pub and the Life Residential Estate Agents, were relatively recent (i.e. only within the last 2-3 weeks). So it would seem that Ballymore is actively updating this website.

On a separate note, during a discussion I had with Ballymore last week, they mentioned a NHS Service of some kind would also be available on the development. It’s not clear if this was purely speculative, or whether this may potentially be one of those undisclosed Under Offer/Let units on their website. However if anyone is able to find out more information about this, I would certainty be interested to know.

I am not sure you are aware of this, but there is already a potential NHS site (2.0.3) right next to Johns & Co on the retailer website.

I overlooked the NHS logo when I wrote the original article. Thanks for the heads-up INVIS, I’ve now updated the story.

Looking at the original brochure for the Anchor Building (Mercier Court!), both the ground floor and first floor have retail / office space, and by lining up the Royal Wharf Retail map to the original plans, and going on the quoted square footage and ceiling heights on the website, it looks like unit 2.03 is likely on the first floor, with stair and lift access from the ground floor at the northwest corner of the building. Therefore, assuming the positioning of the NHS logo on the map is correct, the surgery may cover both units 2.04 (on the ground floor) and 2.03 (on the first floor).

Will keep digging to see what more I can find.

This is good news though let us hope that there will be some scope for some decent independent restaurants. Chains are fine for coffee shops and the pub but it would be a real shame for the restaurants to be the same old chains which clog up high streets around the country serving predictable and usually mediocre food at ambitious prices. Maybe E16 is close enough to EC2/city borders to tempt some of the more creative free spirited foodie restaurateurs out of their comfort zone. Maybe I am being too optimistic. Will be interesting to see how things develop.

Thanks INVIS, it would seem the NHS logo isn’t visible when using Chrome, but is when using Internet Explorer.

It also looks as though one of the Under Offer/Let units (16.01) is now no longer under offer, suggesting the deal has fallen through for this unit (despite this not being one of the buildings recently delayed!). Looking at the retail website this is currently advertised as potential office space, however in the Thameside (Fairwater House) Brochure this is also mooted as a future restaurant space. Therefore, it would be interesting to see whether Ballymore switches the proposed usage across the development, if the demand for office space is not as high as expected. This could potentially result in more retail/restaurant use thought the development, which would (arguably) be of more use to residents and visitors.

In addition to the Royal Wharf Retail Website, I have also come across a development guide on the Johns and Co website, that reconfirms that Starbucks and Fuller’s London Pride (along with Sainsbury’s) will be a part of the development. This was published a few months ago back in December 2016 and suggests that these tenants may have been confirmed a few months ago. Although it is a mystery why Royal Wharf haven’t directly advertised these more widely.

Additionally another pending tenant on the retail website, Life Residential have now begun to advertise Royal Wharf directly on their website.


Hello everyone I would like to advise you that i will be opening a opening a dental surgery on the development in unit 1.05. It isn’t signed yet as there is a sight delay with the plans but everything is agreed and it should be all be confirmed in the coming weeks. Looking forward to meeting you all and seeing you at the practice!!




That’s great news Luke - and welcome to the forum!

Many thanks

Any questions feel free to let me know. As the practice builds I will post more info.

Have a nice evening all

Will there be a londis, nisa or corner shop where I can top up or use paypoint

There is one just around the corner, head towards the dlr station and keep going, in the direction of the airport.



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Thanks I found it , a bit pricey oh well at least it’s something can’t wait for other shops to come out

Any other stores coming up? Waitrose or M&S Food?

I’m an architect and town planner with extensive experience of large developments in City and out of town.

I’m afraid, I’ve got bad news for you.

No major retailers, restaurants or bars are going to open up at RW (or at City Island) for the simple reason that there are only customers in the late evening and a bit at the weekend.

You see, RW is a DORMITORY block, with very little custom during the day. There is nowhere near enough office space to render retail, restaurant with enough passing trade to pay London rates.

The gym and health club is far too small too, and really quite funny. The size provided would serve 1-2 buildings at RW (about 1000 residents). The people who will be best able to use will be the unemployed.


Let’s hope they go up in value.

That’s all that matters.

Sainsbury has exclusive rights in RW so no. But there are plans for other speciality options like an Oriental mini market. There will be a restaurant at the main square and I certainly prefer if they are not chains.

Once more shops and restaurants open up I can certainly see why RW would standout compare to other modern estate. The biggest benefit is that it’s all managed by one developer as opposed to several forced upon each other.

Lots of negative stuff from Brad - I hope he gets to move somewhere where he likes the environment better!
I can remember very well the (empty) ghost-town of Canary Wharf in 1991 (nowhere to get a coffee, one bored security guard desperate for someone to talk to), working in Shoreditch in 1994 (a barren dump at the time), living in Rotherhithe/Canada Water in the 90s when most of it was wasteland, seeing E1/E2 and Bethnal Green transformed, the list could go on. You only need a concentration of respectable people with disposable income and discretion, decent transport links and guess what - business follows the money. I too hope the place won’t be dominated by chains, but any half decent independent restaurant or bar will be highly successful - potentially a very good opportunity, 3000 mostly young people with plenty of disposable income on your doorstep. Retail might struggle but there may be opportunities for enterprising people who don’t mind working outside normal business hours.


Agreed! It is and will continue to be a fantastic place to live, which is still at a discount to other “premium” developments. Brad seems to post negative stuff about everything on this forum but from what I have read so far, it is all compete nonsense and most of it factually incorrect.

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You didn’t read my post or understand it.

People work in Shoreditch and Canary Wharf, These areas are full 24/7.