Royal Wharf school gains Newham approval ready for September 2019 intake

Newham Council have "reluctantly" approved plans for the school at Royal Wharf. The school will be run as a "free school" by the Britannia Education Trust, a charity which also set up the Britannia Village Primary School in Silvertown.
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Will the school have a nursery attached to it?

The whole development plan very poorly thought through, particularly for the business point of view.

You can’t just block out a school without full LA funding and the UK has no cash.

Royal Wharf is a dormitory. No more.

Don’t expect it to become like the computer renderings.

And you do know the river is to become a small shipping route for deliveries? Peruvian Wharf is to burn waste delivered by boat, as well as building materials.

Good luck.



The school does have funding. Not quite sure what the point of your post is.