Royal Wharf Clubhouse to open 8 December

The long-awaited clubhouse at Royal Wharf is due to open on 8 December this year. In addition to featuring a 25-metre pool, over 50 classes per week will be available to residents, including Bootcamp, High-Intensity Interval Training, Yoga and swimming lessons.
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Do we know what the deal is with free membership? Ie how many are allowed for each property. Is it done on the number of bedrooms?

Good question. BAML are presenting the gym concept to members of the Residents Association committee next Thursday, and I’ll be sure to ask. At the moment, I would assume that it’s based on the individuals registered with Concierge for a given property.

What about children, who may not be registered with the concierge? I forgot if I registered mine, but we would definately all want to use the gym and probably they would want to do so on their own time. I assume we just update concierge?

As far as i’m aware, anyone registered at the concierge as a ‘resident’ (so would receive post at the post room) has access to the gym. If you’re an owner, you can add anyone you want to that list, though they’d also have access to the spare keys to the property.


I live in the cape house and I’ve just seen the Resident’s Assossiation email saying that LQ shared ownership won’t be allowed to use the Clubhouse.
I know we are not paying for in in the service charge, but I would like to know if I can contact someone at ballymore in regards to this.

I would like to propose that L&Q could use it if they pay a montly fee.


I have just moved into Cape House too, is there a discount for tenants as we are not eligible for the free usage with L&Q?

Is there anyway you could publish contact details for any personal trainers that will be working at the clubhouse? Thanks

The RA has now been told that L&Q and BAML have come to an agreement where L&Q residents will now be able to use the gym. I believe this should be free of charge.

We don’t have those details as of yet, but the Clubhouse team will begin sending out e-mails soon with more details of the gym. The Residents Portal which is due to launch around the same time will also include these details.

Am glad that gym facilities are open for all. I assume L&Q will have to pay their fair share for the facilities in order for their tenants to use?!? The same as residents and private landlords

We’re seeking clarification on this point, but one would hope so.

Yes pls. Thank you.

We received confirmation that L&Q pay service charge at exactly the same rate per square foot as private leaseholders of apartments in the development. Therefore they are contributing exactly the same amount (per sqft) towards the Clubhouse as private leaseholders.

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I assume all tenants will have to pay £45 to join whether private or housing association?

Is this true for notting hill genesis tenants too ?
Really want to access the gym as it is nearby and new and has good facilities especially the classes. Also I will make friends in the neighborhood.

Yes, Notting Hill Genesis tenants are able to access the Clubhouse.

Yes, only leaseholders are exempt from this charge.

Stange as I overheard one of the concierge members telling someone that Banyan Court / NHG residents are completely separate and have no access to concierge, clubhouse etc. This seems contrary to what is mentioned on here.

Can you pls seek clarification on whether tenants at banyan court (NHG) have access to the club house. I was told by the concierge that we don’t and reading that we do here is conflicting. If we do have access, how much is the joining fee? And what is the process of joining.

So I called concierge today 01.02.19 and was told Banyan Court DOES NOT have access to the gym. Apparently its to do with NHG not having a contract. Can anyone clarify.