Parking space available from the beginning of November

Hey all, parking space available from the beginning of November.

£150 a month plus security deposit of £150

Let me know if you’re interested.


Hey Sam!

Is this space still available?

Hey emily,

The space is still available. Are you interested in renting the space and how long do you want it for?

Hi Sam,

I’m interest in renting a parking space - would like to commit long term between 1 to 2 years if possible.

Kind regards,


Hi is this space still available? If so I would be able to rent out immediately. Please let me know. Thanks.

Hey T-h

Sorry to get back to you late, space has now been rented out.

Hope you find one though :crossed_fingers:t3:

Hello if you’re still looking for a parking space drop me a message on 07905901234. I have one available from next week