Heath and Fitness Club to open in January 2019

Ballymore have confirmed that the Health and Fitness Club, located in Pendant Court, is due to open in January 2019. The club will include a gym, 25-metre pool, fitness studio, sauna, steam room, hydrotherapy pool and changing rooms.
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What would be the membership fee for tenants ?

We haven’t had any confirmed details from Ballymore regarding any fees for the Club.

I believe that they’ve indicatedthat access to the Club will be free for residents (effectively will be paid through the service charge), but this could presumably change before it opens. There may also be additional costs for classes etc.

Thank you for you for the details.

So notting hill genesis tenants living in banyan court are not allowed what if we choose to pay for gym service? How much will it be and does notting hill genesis not pay service charges like l and q or are they on a different contract?

Everyone has access to the gym L&Q and NHG included. As long as you are registered with Concierge. Join the Residents Association, full details in there.

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Thanks for that much appreciated

I went to concierge to register and they said we are not allowed to access the gym and they contacted the clubhouse. It seems miscommunication or they are unaware can this be made clear I really felt embarrassed and excluded, I would like to pay for the gym if needed this is really to motivate me as it is local and decrease my chances of getting diabetes which runs in the family. I have joined the association still awaiting reply…

you have to register with concierge as a tenant and then book your induction via the website. I assume what @dale35602 meant was that to be able to book your induction, you must have registered with concierge as a tenant. Otherwise you won’t be on the system and not be able to sign up.

Hi Mike, what website is this?

I think it was this one:

Ballymore signup

Thank you!