Curtain rails in bedrooms

Hello everyone,

I’ve moved into Laker house recently and am wanting to place some curtain rails above my bedroom windows however I seem to be having some problems working out what I am drilling in to. Has anyone encountered this and know whether it is brick or concrete?

Thank you In advance.

Hi, we’ve just moved into Caraval House and I have to say the vertical blinds attached to the ceilings are a waste of time! I’ve been in touch with a company that does “perfect fit” blinds and they go on the inside of the window with little or no drilling, at least we will be able to open the doors and block out the light in the bedrooms!

Ow got the blinds in and fantastic! No drilling or anything and fitted in the windows themselves!

Hi, I’m also in caravel, what is the company you used for the blinds, I’m looking to change mine too?

Hi Becky, the guys are still at mine, would you like me to ask them to come and see you to? Happy for you to come and see the ones they’ve done for me, liked them so much I’m getting the rest done.

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Please i have an studio. Need blackout blinds for window and door to the balcony. How much do you recon it should cost?

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