Constant noise issues from neighbours

Over that past year I have had constant noise problems with my neighbours in the flat above me playing loud music, screaming and shouting as well as what sounds like an elephant stomping around at unseemly times of the night and in the early hours of the morning.

This occurs at random on all days of the week and has become particularly prominent recently. I’ve called the concierge several times to complain about these issues but it never seems to be resolved. By deduction, I surely am not the only one hearing this issue, those next to them and above must hear it too. I’m not sure how to proceed further on the matter.

Any suggestions would help.


i currently have this issue with the neighbour above me
i’m on the 4th floor in my building and he is on the top floor (5th floor) - people visiting me have also witnessed this noise.
from what i can see in the reflection in the building opposite he lives alone but the noise is ridiculous. it sounds like he is going to come through my ceiling. My father is my guarantor on my rental so he is going to post a note into his letterbox as i feel like being a young female i would just be disregarded if i was to raise the issue

you arent alone! Lol

Sorry to hear that try to report to concierge I think tha he can send somebody to check the situation and talk to him nicely I can imagine really annoying send email to L and Q explaining the situation with you a good luck