Carrick (Sienna) House Completions


I’m wondering if anybody has heard or seen anything in regards to Carrick houses’ completion date.

Super eager to move in and hoping that its not going to be delayed for too long!

The site states Jan 2018 - June 2018 which seems a little broad. Was wondering if anybody moving into the building had been contacted yet?


Hi. We’d like to know too! Eager to move in too. Last we heard was Q3/4 in an email from completions

Latest estimate, as of today from completions is October - December 2018

Thanks for replying Christopher. Gutted to hear that, also where did you hear that from? I haven’t had any updates since last April.

Email from completions after asking them. Disappointing.

cannot understanding why there is nobody contacting /updating us the status of when is the completion date etc. shouldn’t there be an customer officer keep us informed?

Went to the marketing suite yesterday to check on the progress. They’re now saying 2019 for Carrick house :confused:

They really are taking the proverbial!

thanks Chellybean for your reply, shouldn’t there be emails or mails updating all owners the development progressing, while some of us are living overseas, who will inform us that our site is ready for collection? as since we have paid our deposited two years ago, we have never been in touch by anybody from the Royal Wharf or the solicitor firms which is quite a amazing and worrying us.

Hi Johnny

I agree, I haven’t had any emails since 2016 either which was in regards to paying the first deposit. Looking at other people’s comments on this forum it seems to be the norm.

The only way I’ve kept slightly up to date is by driving through the development and checking the website. It’s crazy!

It can’t be hard to just send out mass emails with estimated updates/ completion dates.

thanks Chellybean for your quick reply, I am living overseas, which is worrying me for not hearing any news for over two years from the developing company, isn’t it strange really, well, at least you can drive there and knowing that the site is still there, believe it is only via this forum to know some news.

Hi Johnny, we’ve been living in London and had the same issues but like Chellybean we were able to visit the site to check up on progress. We waited 2 years from paying the deposit and have just moved into our flat in Phase 1 of the development.
As you say, you can’t expect much with regards to communication from Ballymore before completion. The only way we were able to find out any more information was emailing / calling the completions team to ask for updates… even then the information we got then was never very useful and we basically just had to wait it out.
Now we are in, I can reassure you that the development is here(!!!) and there is work ongoing all the time and you can see change happening on a weekly basis.
It’s a very frustrating wait not knowing what’s going on but speaking from experience, unfortunately waiting is all you can do!

oh thank you for letting me know that we are in the same situation that getting no news from the developer, with nowadays’ communication is so easy and convenient to let all owners know which is a customer oriented services. I wonder will someone informing those who are overseas like myself to collect our flat and finalize the legal matter? because I am worried that nobody letting us know and we might miss the collection period. Could you let me know their email address which at least there is a communication channel? while now I am only getting news from this forum which I am not often access to due to busy working.

Now that you have moved in Phase 1, are you pleased with the content of the flat? eg. how the quality etc… as we hope it will not be a disappointment…

You would have thought communication would be easy but it doesn’t seem to be that way! My impression has been that so much is going on that they are prioritising upcoming completions and generally don’t provide any updates unless you chase.

There are a number of people who work in the completions team that you should be able to contact. Try who is a customer liaison.

Now we’re in, we are really enjoying royal wharf. Although it’s a bit of a building site still, it feels like it’s going to be a great place to live. The flat is finished well too which is great.

thanks Matt for the email address, I will email to them to inform them to alert me when the building is ready for collection. Have a nice day!

Have some queries, is this property Leasehold is 999 years? what is the payment of Ground rent for? apart paying the ground rent what other government payment is required for owning a UK property as I am a overseas owner.

It is a 999 years lease but I think start date was from 2014. As this is a leasehold property, freeholder will charge ground rent but I think ground rent charges is currently under discussion whether it will still be applicable in the future. For now, we still pay ground rent to the freeholder of this development.

as I have heard that many London property has short leasehold and causing lots of going on. suppose it is good to know that within these 999 years the property is still yours. thanks for the information.

Yet more delays with this building. Here is the latest estimate April to June 2019! The reason given from completions:

"We have recently been made aware that there have been some complications with proceeding to the existing schedule. We have been working with the planning authority over the approval of materials to manage the acoustics throughout the building and clearance of associated planning conditions for the external finish of the building. A solution has since been identified and agreed, but the agreed resolution has impacted the schedule for the closing up of this building as well as the sequencing and timing of the internal fit out.

This change has meant that I am now forecasting a revised estimated notice date of between April and June, 2019. We will begin to refine this date further for you over the coming months as we continue to monitor the build progress. "

I imagine it is safety issues post Grenfell.

Gutted. Such a long wait.

Was it only Carrick that has been affected by this ?